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highest paying jobs after B-Tech - A complete Guide!

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highest paying jobs after B-Tech - A complete Guide!

06, April 2022

highest paying jobs after B-Tech - A complete Guide!


Engineering, currently, is the topmost course pursued by students from the non-medical stream. Thousands of students every year appear in the JEE exam to crack top-ranking government engineering colleges of all time, the number alone is enough to vouch for this simple fact. This is mostly the case because this profession includes a huge band of benefits for students.

Not only are there a multiplicity of career opportunities, but certain other factors like job satisfaction, job security, the immense scope of work, personal as well intellectual development and more, come into play here. This line of career aligns creative pursuits with technology and renders optimal development. There is the scope of scientific discoveries, innovation in technology, and new-era thinking ideology that holds the power to bring out a disruptive technological change in society and the industry.

Let’s look at some of the most popular branches of engineering and find out the job profiles they entail. The most widely known B tech specialization are Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics and communication engineering. There are several other branches with minor differences but an overall identical curriculum, offered by some universities.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is, without a doubt, one of the most promising and prospective professional disciplines as we march towards a more industrialised civilization. Because of their significant impact on innovation and the design, structure, and development of successful mechanical systems, mechanical engineers are a critical force in maintaining and altering economies and societies. A well-rounded undergraduate curriculum combined with internships, Cooperative Education programmes, academic research, and summer job prospects, as well as industry exposure, can help students become effective future mechanical engineers.

Work Profiles And Approximate Annual Salary After Btech In Mechanical Engineering

Sno. Job Profile Average Annual Salary
1. Systems Engineer 4.1 Lakhs
2. Power Engineer 4.2 Lakhs
3. Plant Engineer 6.5 Lakhs
4 Renewable Energy Consultant 3.13 Lakhs
5 Manufacturing Engineer 4.07 Lakhs
6 Packaging Engineer 5.3 Lakhs
7 Mechanical Device Engineer 3.2 Lakhs
8 Mechatronics Engineer 3.6 Lakhs
9 Process Development Engineer 6.36 Lakhs
10 Design Engineer 3.6 Lakhs

Electronics And Communications Engineering

A job as an electronic and communication engineer is not only gratifying professionally, but it also contributes to society's overall growth. With their in-depth knowledge and fundamental abilities, ECE engineers have a plethora of employment alternatives to choose from, with new work opportunities appearing on a daily basis. Electronics and communication engineers, as creative thinkers and quick learners, have the capacity to improve, change, and even entirely remodel the technical face of today's and tomorrow's worlds.

Work Profiles And Approximate Annual Salary After Btech In Electronics And Communications Engineering

S. No. Job Profiles Average Annual Salary (In Rs.)
1 Design Engineer 4 - 5 Lakh
2 Asic Engineer 20 Lakh
3 Embedded Engineer 16 Lakh
4 Network Support Engineer 3-4 Lakh
5 Software Engineer 4-12 Lakh
6 Quality Analyst 4.5 Lakh
7. Technician 2-2.5 Lakh
8. Chief Technical Officers 18 Lakh
9. Ece Engineering Consultant 20 Lakh
10. Data Analyst 5-8 Lakh

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering in 2022 is a fast paced industry that witnesses growth and development in literal terms. From undertaking the construction, designing, as well as monitoring of the physical structures to digging into the more complex aspects of it, B tech civil engineering is a diverse field with a perfect blend of technical and creative input.

Civil engineering is a career path that is not only beneficial professionally but also financially. As more profitable projects emerge, numerous technologies have forged alliances with civil engineers, expanding the pool of options accessible to them. As a result, there are several employment alternatives after completing a Btech in civil engineering in 2022, each of which is quite valuable.

Work Profiles and Approximate Annual Salary after B-tech In Civil Engineering

Sno. Job Profiles Average Annual Salary (In Rs.)
1 Architectural Engineer 4 - 5 Lakh
2 Aerospace Engineer 8 Lakh
3 Structural Engineer 6 Lakh
4 Geotechnical Engineer 6 Lakh
5 Project Site Inspectors / Construction Engineers 5.2 Lakh
6 Transportation Engineer 5 Lakh
7. Project Managers 12-14 Lakh
8. Chief Technical Officers 15-20 Lakh
9. Engineering Consultant 15 Lakh
10. Analyst 6 Lakh

Electrical Engineering

The demand for all types of engineers, including electrical engineers, is on the rise as a result of technological advancements and rapidly expanding infrastructure. Electrical engineering is expanding in critical areas such as wireless communications and mobile technology, as well as cross-field areas such as nanotechnology and biomedical engineering; thus, these are the disciplines to keep an eye on and specialize in, since they have a lot of potential. Multinational firms are looking for power generating specialists as the world moves toward renewable energy sources such as hydro, solar, and wind power. This is another path you could choose to make a living.

Work Profiles and Approximate Annual Salary after B-tech In Electrical Engineering

Sno. Job Profiles Annual Average Salary (In Rupees)
1. Telecommunication Engineer 3.8-4 Lakh
2. Systems Engineer 4-5 Lakh
3. Aerospace Engineer 8-9 Lakh
4. Micro Electrical Engineer 3.8-4 Lakh
5. Control And Instrumentation Engineer 4.3-5 Lakh
6. Quality Control Engineer 6.9-7 Lakh
7. Broadcast Engineer 4.6-5 Lakh
8. Test Engineer 4-5 Lakh
9. Electrical Design Engineer 5 Lakh
10. Nuclear Engineer 9-10 Lakh

Computer Science Engineering

CSE is emerging as the most widely pursued branch of engineering due to its growing popularity. People have realised the potential of algorithms, computing systems, and the power of cutting-edge technology is facilitating profitable growth. Thus, professionals who have ample domain knowledge are needed more than ever in this ever booming and futuristic industry. IT is regarded as one of the highest-paying professions, with a diverse range of work and job prospects. Non-IT firms, such as universities, research, private and public enterprises, government agencies, corporate entities, commercial organisations, and the manufacturing sector, can all employ IT engineers. Job security is just one of the many benefits that B tech Computer Science Engineering (CSE) professionals hold. They can work as developers, programmers, network administrators, etc.

Work Profiles And Approximate Annual Salary After Btech In Computer Science Engineering

Sno. Job Profiles Annual Average Salary (In Rupees)
1. Data Science Analyst 6.35 Lakhs
2. Machine Learning Engineer 7.3 Lakhs
3. Computer Animations And Ui/Ux Design 7 Lakhs
4. Software Developer 5.9 Lakhs
5. Blockchain Developer And Engineer 6.9 Lakhs
6. Computer Network Architect 4.88 Lakhs
7. Database Administrator And Manager 6.5 Lakhs
8. Security Analyst 5.48 Lakhs
9. Cloud Computing And DevOps 6.27 Lakhs
10. Game Developer 5.23 Lakhs


Clearly, we have seen that the job prospects after B-tech are extremely high-paying and rewarding in all aspects. Top companies like Google, Flipkart, Amazon, Sapient, Samsung, and many more hire Software Developers at lucrative packages ranging from INR 12 LPA to INR 35 LPA, or even more depending upon the scope of work and company. One of the many advantages of engineering is that it’s rooted in almost all industries and there is scope and opportunities for everyone. If you’re someone who gets facilitated by technology, then you must consider a career in engineering by all means!