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B. Tech Computer (CSE) - Course Details, Admissions, Science Engineering Fees

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B. Tech Computer (CSE) - Course Details, Admissions, Science Engineering Fees

16,June 2021

B. Tech Computer (CSE) - Course Details, Admissions, Science Engineering Fees


What Is Computer Science Engineering

A computer science engineer is a person who engages directly in software development, programming, computer languages, operating systems, maintaining databases, interfaces, and all other things related to computing. It is the science of working with software systems to grow businesses and cater to new forms of innovation. Computer science engineering, thus, is said to be that branch of engineering that involves designing and developing computer algorithms to favour purposeful outcomes for enterprises.

Scope of pursuing Btech in CSE in 2021

Btech in computer science engineering in 2021 is the most widely pursued program because of its relevance and relativity to present times. The advent of digitalisation has transformed the entire outlook of business companies and their operating potential. With more and more companies venturing into the realm of digital marketing, the need for techno-savvy individuals with strong expertise in computer science dynamics has been increasing at an alarming rate. This has made it possible for CSE graduates to gain employability through their skills and knowledge and put it to the right use.

Along with this, the start-up culture in India in 2021 has gained momentum, which has a lot to do with entrepreneurial competencies embedded in students pursuing CSE. This has widened the scope of opportunities available to computer science engineering graduates, thereby adding to job security. This may perhaps be the only branch of engineering that is immune to a recession by all means. This means that CSE is currently the most promising and profitable specialisation in engineering and the best career choice for students looking forward to setting foot in digital systems.

Curriculum Of Computer Science Engineering

Like any other branch of engineering, the curriculum of computer science engineering is comprehensively divided into eight semesters spanning a total of four years. Starting from the basics, the syllabus progresses into subjects that hold importance as per the current trends and technology. This allows the students to enhance their grip on subjects from the foundational levels and ensures sequential learning without missing out on the essential strengthening of core concepts. The particular thing about the curriculum of CSE is that the changes and up gradation in technologies are so frequent that the scope of a curriculum being outdated is almost impossible. This means the students only learn what’s relevant with the market today, and gain a hold of subjects that will complement their practical application in developing a solid workforce for the future. In computer science engineering, the curriculum contains core subjects, electives along with balanced periods of the lab and each subject is allotted set points of credit that students must achieve. All the subjects and requirements are explained in detail in the curriculum which students are supposed to focus on every semester to get promoted to the next one. It acts as a blueprint for the entire program.

Subjects Taught Under Computer Science Engineering

The subjects taught to computer science students are in accordance with upcoming verticals evolving in the digital fields. Various new subjects like robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and many more are getting introduced as a part of the curriculum. Following is a list of some of the core subjects taught under BTech in computer science. While some of these subjects are mandatory for all engineering domains, others towards the last semesters are specific only to computer science engineering.

  • Introduction To Computer Programming
  • Linear Algebra And Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Data Analysis And Interpretation
  • Abstractions And Paradigms In Programming
  • Data Structures And Algorithms
  • Automatic Theory And Logic
  • Software Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Database And Information Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Implementation Of Programming Languages
  • Computer Networks
  • Computational Models In Pattern Recognition
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Principles Of Programming Languages
  • Introduction To Wireless Networks
  • Functional And Logic Programming

Top 10 Colleges Offering Computer Science Engineering In 2021 With Their Fees

There are a plethora of institutions in India that offer the degree of BTech in computer science, including both the private and the public ones. Even if the students do not score high enough to get admission into top-ranking colleges for CSE in India, there are just enough colleges for every student that wishes to pursue a career in computer science engineering. Following is a list of top institutions in India offering computer science engineering along with their fees.

Government Colleges For CSE And Their Fees

S.No. Name of the college Fees
1 Indian Institute of Technology Madras 8.20 lakhs
2 Delhi Technological University Delhi 7.81 lakhs
3 College of Engineering Trivandrum 1.8 lakhs
4 Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh 6.99 lakhs
5 JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad 82k
6 Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar 5.66 lakhs
7 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur 5.38 lakhs
8 Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi 8.58 lakhs
9 National Institute of Technology Delhi 6.37 lakhs
10 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 8.31 lakhs

Private Colleges For CSE And Their Fees

S.No. Name of the college Fees
1 Lloyd Institute of Engineering and Technology Greater Noida 5.6 lakhs
2 DayanandSagar College of Engineering Bangalore 3.89 lakhs
3 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai 9.5 lakhs
4 Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore 7.8 lakhs
5 BhartiyaVidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering Pune 5.1 lakhs
6 Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata 3.83 lakhs
7 Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal 16.96 lakhs
8 Nirma University Ahmedabad 7.54 lakhs
9 Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Chennai 10.62 lakhs
10 JamiaHamdard New Delhi 7.31 lakhs

Thus, the students who want to pursue BTech in CSE in 2021 can read about the overview of the course in this article. It has been established time and again that information technology is taking over the businesses in India with a rapid force, and this alone has opened up hundreds of thousands of job prospects for CSE graduates in India. Students can substantiate being a part of this IT revolution by opting for a BTech degree in computer science, and train themselves to be the future of a highly competent and technologically skillful workforce, all this while attaining 100% financial stability.