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Best Job Oriented Training Courses after Btech

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Best Job Oriented Training Courses after Btech

04, Aug 2021

Best Job Oriented Training Courses after Btech


What are training courses?

Training courses are short-term professional certifications that can enhance the value of the degree pursued by the student. These training programs are normally only 6 months or 12 months long but provide technical insights into the chosen specialization with an end-term field project to fully acquaint the student with the course. Sometimes they are mandated by the organization a person is working for, and they can also be pursued independently depending upon the requirement.

The stand-out point about these training programs is they can significantly help students land a highly specific niche-oriented job because. Hiring companies sometimes look for that one extra edge over a wide pool of candidates that have pursued the same educational degree, and these training programs just might be the shining star on your profile that you need.

Types of Job Oriented Courses afterBtech

  • Post Graduate Programs/Diplomas
  • Certification Courses
  • Post Graduate Degrees
    • MTech
    • MBA

Reasons To Pursue Job Oriented Training Courses afterBTech

Increase Your Skill Set

Pursuing job-oriented training courses especially after a demanding degree such as BTech, the students get prepared for being multifaceted professionals with not just one skill but many. Overall personality development comes with

Gain Technical Expertise

If your objective is to excel in your career and record linear growth, then job-oriented training courses are just the thing for you. As an engineering graduate, your aim should not be getting your hands on a lot of trades, but being the absolute master in one and going higher up the ladder by making the best use of your technical knowledge.

Expand Your Learning Potential

Somebody who has a knack for learning can never cross paths with failure. Training programs expand your horizons and open up doors to undiscovered information, which can prove beneficial to students on numerous occasions. This will also help you in gaining in-depth knowledge by digging deeper into the subject.

Higher Monetary Benefits

Added qualifications make you better suited for senior positions that offer a higher pay scale. This makes training courses a good investment even when it means spending a good amount of years perfecting the field you want to work in. Besides, financial stability is often one of the eventual goals in everyone's life, and these training courses let you gain just about that.

Post Graduate Programs/Diplomas

Postgraduate programs or diplomas are pursued after a student has completed their graduation in BTech. These programs are equivalent to a master's degree but contain fewer credits than a full-fledged postgraduate degree. The duration of a postgraduate program usually ranges between 1 to 2 years. The ultimate benefit of taking up a post-graduate diploma in engineering subjects would mean targeting a goal-specific job. Following is the list of few PG diploma courses:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in chemical Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Informational Technology

Certification Courses

Certificate courses are short-term courses that are highly specialized in a single paper of a vast subject. These courses cover only a topic of the degree but embed all the knowledge that a student needs to know about it. The duration usually ranges from 3 to 6 months with a project at the end of the course, short quizzes in between, and an online test. Certification courses after BTech can shoot up the pre-existing information the candidates have, provide them valuable insights, new findings, technical advantage, and a lot of particular learning points about the topic chosen. Following are some of the program-wise certification courses that a student can take up after/while doing BTech to gain that extra advantage.

Certificate Course AfterBtech Civil Engineering

  • Certificate In Construction Management
  • Certificate In Autocad Software
  • Certificate In Fundamentals Of Waves And Vibrations
  • Certificate In Sports And Building Aerodynamics

Certificate Course AfterBtech Computer Science Engineering

  • Certificate In Google Ux Design
  • Certificate In Digital Product Management
  • Certificate In HTML, CSS, And Javascript For Web Developers
  • Certificate In Data Structures And Algorithms
  • Certificate In Blockchain Revolution
  • Certificate Course In Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning And Deep Learning
  • Certificate In Android App Development

Certificate Course AfterBtech Electrical Engineering

  • Certificate Course In Active Optical Devices
  • Certificate Course In Developing Industrial Internet Of Things
  • Certificate Course In Embedding Sensors And Motors
  • Certificate Course In Optical Engineering
  • Certificate Course In Power Electronics
  • Certificate Course In Semiconductor Devices
  • Certificate Course In Algorithms For Battery Management Systems

Certificate Course AfterBtech Mechanical Engineering

  • Certificate Course In Material Science
  • Certificate Course In Fluid Mechanics
  • Certificate Course In Digital Manufacturing And Design Technology
  • Certificate Course In Machine Design
  • Certificate Course In Robotics

Certificate Course AfterBtech Electronics Engineering

  • Certification In Linear Circuits
  • Certification In Programming The Internet Of Things
  • Certification In Computer Architecture
  • Certificate In Photovoltaics Systems
  • Certificate In In Digital Signal Processing Applications
  • Certification In Computer Networking And System Security
  • Certificate In Wireless Networks And Telecom


Engineering is the second most sought-after profession in India, the first one being management. Along with being a popular course, a career in management coupled with a background in engineering, students can expand their career prospects to high-level positions. Various job profiles demand technical expertise from management professionals and pay a hefty sum. An MBA degree complements a BTech degree and guarantees placement with augmented offers. An additional bonus would be pursuing a management degree in the domain of technology, so you don't fall behind your chosen line and turn it into your expert area instead. Following are some courses engineering graduates can opt for:

  • MBA In Information Technology
  • MBA In Air Travel Management
  • MBA In Infrastructure Management
  • MBA In Computer Science
  • MBA In Biotechnology
  • MBA In Industrial Engineering
  • MBA In Urban Planning And Infrastructure
  • MBA In Food Technology
  • MBA In Dairy Technology
  • 1MBA In Construction Management
  • 1MBA In Quality Control And Management
  • 1MBA In Product Management
  • 1MBA In Operations Management
  • 1MBA In Project Management
  • 1MBA In Technology Management


There are more than 50 Mtech specializations in India that engineering graduates can choose from and more than 2500 colleges all across the country. When it comes to job-oriented courses, MTech is the go-to preference for engineering graduates for a lot of reasons. A master's degree in technology helps the candidate in fetching a broadened level of knowledge in a specific branch of engineering, thus giving them added expertise. To secure a job in global and multinational companies, candidates with an MTechdegree are preferred and placed at top hierarchical positions. This means more job security, more financial stability, more job satisfaction, and a broader scope of opportunities. Following are some of the specializations that an MTech degree offers:

  • Mtech In Civil Engineering
  • Mtech In Mechanical Engineering
  • Mtech In Electrical Engineering
  • Mtech In Electronics And Communication Engineering
  • Mtech In Information Technology
  • Mtech In Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mtech In Electrical Engineering Mtech In Software Engineering
  • Mtech In Chemical Engineering
  • Mtech In Biotechnology
  • Mtech In Nanotechnology
  • Mtech In Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mtech In Construction Engineering
  • Mtech In Automobile Engineering
  • Mtech In Mechatronics
  • Mtech In Geographical Sciences
  • Mtech In Textile Engineering
  • Mtech In Hardware And Network Technology
  • Mtech In Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Mtech In Fashion Technology
  • Mtech In Aerospace Engineering

Considering all the benefits of a job-oriented training course after BTech, it is safe to say that it's going to be one of the best career decisions you'll ever make. Investing a year or two after you've completed a BTech will only be a win-win situation because there's everything to gain and nothing to lose.