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B tech Entrance Exam List, Syllabus and Dates

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B tech Entrance Exam List, Syllabus and Dates

03, April 2022

B tech Entrance Exam List, Syllabus and Dates

There are around 250 engineering entrance exams in India , conducted every year for students who want to take admission into B Tech courses and carve an excellent management career. Out of these, some are way too popular and have immensely tough competition while others are easy enough to clear. Appearing for these entrance exams open up admission into various specialized B.Tech courses. In 2022, engineering is that career option that is going to expand its wings by all means. Apart from being resistant to recession, engineers are always in great demand in companies and are given very high packages.

Name, Level, and Tentative Registration Dates Of Engineering Exams In 2022

Given below is the table consisting of more than 50 engineering entrance exams for b tech aspirants, along with their registration window as well the exam dates. These exams are segregated based on their level. National level exams are conducted by regulatory bodies such as NTA, whereas state level exams are conducted by the state authority board or any government university on behalf of the state. University level exams are conducted by individual universities and have their own set of regulations about the exam. Students can choose to attempt as many as they wish to, given they satisfy the eligibility criteria mandated to attempt the exam.

S.no. Name of the Exam Level of The Exam Registration Date (Tentative) Exam Date (Tentative)
1 JEE MAIN National 1st Week Of March 2022 3rd Week Of March 2022
2 JEE ADVANCED National 8th June To 14th June 2022 3rd July 2022
3 NATA National March 2022 2nd Week Of April 2022
4 UNI GAUGE E National 1st July To 31st August 2022 14th September 2022
5 IISER APTITUDE TEST National 3rd Week Of March 2022 4th Week Of May 2022
6 DUET National 14th March 2022 10th September 2022
7 IMU CET National 1st Week Of May 2022 1st Week Of July 2022
8 KRLMPCA CET State To Be Announced To Be Announced
9 JKCET State 2nd Week Of March 2022 2nd Week Of September 2022
10 COMEDK UGET State 4th Week Of March 2022 4th Week Of July 2022
11 CG PET State 1st Week Of May 2022 3rd Week Of June 2022
12 ASSAM CEE State 1st Week Of March 2022 4th Week Of June 2022
13 TJEE State 16th Feb To 2nd March 2022 27th April 2022
14 AP EAMCET State May 2022 2nd To 3rd Week Of July 2022
15 OJEE State 3rd To 4th Week Of June 2022 3rd To 4th Week Of June 2022
16 HPCET State To Be Notified 9th-10th July 2022
17 GCET State 1st Week Of May 2022 3rd Week Of June 2022
18 KCET State 3rd Week Of April 2022 4th Week Of August 2022
19 KEAM State 1st Week Of May 2022 4th Week Of June 2022
20 UPCET State 1st Week Of April 2022 Last Week Of June 2022
21 WBJEE State 24th December 2021 23rd April 2022
22 TS EAMCET State 1st Week Of March 2022 2nd Week Of May 2022
23 GUJCET State 25 Jan–9 Feb 2022 To Be Announced
24 HARYANA LEET State April 2022 To Be Announced
25 TS ECET State March 2022 August 2022
26 AP ECET State 1st Week Of May 2022 3rd Week Of June 20
27 JELET State 18th To 31st January 2022 14th March 2022
28 JLEE State 2nd Week Of September 2022 To Be Announced
29 MHT CET State 10th Feb To 31st March 2022 To Be Announced
30 VITEEE University March 2022 To Be Announced
31 UPESEAT University 30 Nov 2021–9 May 2022 13–15 May 2022
32 TMISAT University 25 Jan–30 Apr 2022 To Be Announced
33 SRMJEE University 2 Jan, 18 Apr, 20 Jun 2022 8 Jan–26 Jun 2022
34 CIEAT University 1st Dec 2021- 2nd March 2022 5th March 2022
35 BEEE University 28th January 2022 To Be Announced
36 AEEE University 30th December 2021 20th-23rd March 2022
37 KLEEE University 24 Jan, 1 Mar 2022 27 Jan – 6 Mar 2022
38 HITSEEE University 10 Jan– 30 Apr 2022 2nd –9th May 2022
39 GEEE University May 2022 June 2022
40 AMITY JEE University January 2022 To May 2022 To Be Announced
41 SAEE University 22nd January To 15th April 2022 23rd - 24th April 2022
42 CUEE University 25 Jan, 20 Apr, 20 May, 20 Jun 2022 30 Jan, 30 Apr, 30 May, 30 Jun 2022
43 ALLIANCE AUEET University 1st Feb To 31st May 2022 16 Jun - 25 Jun 2022
44 AMU ENTRANCE EXAM 1st Week Of April 2022 1st Week Of April 2022 3rd Week Of June 2022
45 BVP CET University 17th May To 24th May 2022 29th May 2022- 5th June 2022
46 BITSAT University Last Week Of June 2022 To Be Announced
47 CUSAT CAT University 8 Feb–7 Mar 2022 16–17 May 2022
48 KIITEE University 10th December 2021 4 Feb–16 Apr 2022
49 LPU NEST University 1st Week Of December 2021 15 Jan – 10 Mar 2022
50 NPAT University 23 Dec 2021–5 Jun 2022 1 Apr–10 Jun 2022
51 REVA CET University 1st Feb To 31st March 14th To 21st May
52 GITAM GAT University 16 Dec 2021–4 Apr 2022 11–15 Apr 2022
53 CUET University 11 January 2022 18th February, 13th March 2022
54 MET University 15th March 2022 To Be Announced

Common Syllabus of Engineering Entrance Exams in India

Since the number of entrance exams is vast, each exam differs specifically in terms of various aspects. These aspects can range from exam patterns, maximum marks, mode of examination, negative marking, the addition of subjects in syllabus like the English language, aptitude etc. let’s look at some of the common topics that have been asked in engineering entrance exams over the years.

Sno/Subjects Mathematics Syllabus 2022 Chemistry Syllabus Physics Syllabus 2022
1 Integral Calculus Principles Related To Practical Chemistry Thermodynamics
2 Trigonometry Environmental Chemistry Rotational Motion
3 Matrices And Determinants Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties Electromagnetic Waves
4 Three-Dimensional Geometry Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen Kinematics
5 Mathematical Induction Organic Compounds Containing Halogens Work, Energy And Power
6 Differential Equations General Principles And Processes Of Isolation Of Metals Oscillations And Waves
7 Permutations And Combinations Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Kinetic Theory Of Gases
8 Binomial Theorem And Its Simple Applications P Block Elements Group 13 To Group 18 Elements Laws Of Motion
9 Statistics And Probability D- And F - Block Elements Electronic Devices
10 Limit, Continuity And Differentiability Hydrocarbons Communication Systems
11 Vector Algebra Purification And Characterisation Of Organic Compounds Properties Of Solids And Liquids
12 Sequence And Series Chemistry In Everyday Life Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Currents
13 Sets, Relations And Functions Hydrogen Gravitation
14 Coordinate Geometry Biomolecules Physics And Measurement
15 Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations Block Elements (Alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals) Current Electricity
16 Mathematical Reasoning Coordination Compounds Optics
17 Some Basic Principles Of Organic Chemistry Magnetic Effects Of Current And Magnetism
18 Polymers Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiation
19 Atoms And Nuclei
20 Electrostatics


In this article, we have stated 50+ entrance exams that engineering aspirants can attempt to get admission into their preferred b-tech branch. The sole benefit of having so many exams is that the maximum number of people can get admission, leading to a more enriched, educated, and qualified community and society.