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B Tech agriculture: Course Details , Admission, Syllabus and Scope

05,Jan 2024

Consumerism has affected all sectors of the economy around the globe and the agriculture sector is not spared with such a trend. Immense pressure to meet the growing and round-the-clock demand of the population and globalized economy has put the agriculture to its limit. Thus, the conventional methods of doing agriculture needs to shake hands with the latest technological advancements made in the engineering and IT sectors. Adopting latest agriculture techniques, at one end, increases the total output of the crop without degrading the quality of soil and at the other end encourages the best preservation techniques to increase the life span of the crop.

Difference between B.Sc (Agriculture) and B.Tech (Agriculture)

B.Sc. (Agriculture) provides a comprehensive understanding of the science behind farming practices in a 3-year program. B.Tech. in Agriculture, however, delves deeper into the engineering principles applied in agriculture, taking 4 years to complete. This specialization often translates to better job opportunities and higher salaries for B.Tech. graduates.

Features B.Sc Agriculture B.Tech Agriculture
Duration 3 years 4 years
Focus Science of agriculture Engineering principles
Job prospects Moderate Better
Salary potential Lower Higher

Snapshot of B.Tech Agriculture Program

B.Tech (Agriculture) or B.Tech (Agri.) is 4 years under-graduate diversified program that prepare pursuing aspirants to apply technological and engineering principles to the agriculture and farming. The program primarily deals with machinery, production, preservation, IT and management skills. Students must have science background or subjects in their high secondary schooling days. A brief snapshot of B.Tech (Agriculture) is provided in Table 1:

Table 1: Snapshot of B.Tech (Agriculture) Program

Course Aliases B.Tech in Agriculture; B.Tech (Agri.); B.Tech (Agri Engineering), B.Tech in Agriculture Technology; B.Tech. in Agri Informatics
Total Duration 4 Years
Total Semesters 8 (2 Semesters per year)
Eligibility 10+2 in PCB or PCM witd 50% in senior secondary
Career Options Agricultural Engineer; Food Production Engineer; Soil and Water Conservation Engineer; Precision Agriculture Specialist; Renewable Energy Engineer; Consultant; Entrepreneur; Educationist
Fresher’s Annual Package INR 3,00,000/= to INR 4,20,000/=

General Overview of B.Tech (Agriculture) Syllabus

Year 1
Semester 1 Engineering Mathematics - I
Engineering Physics
Engineering Chemistry
Workshop Practice
Surveying and Levelling
Engineering Drawing
Environmental Science
Electrical Circuits
English and Communication Skills
Semester 2 Engineering Mathematics – II
Computers Programming and Data Structures
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
 Agriculture for Engineers
Workshop Technology
Thermodynamics & Heat Engines
Field operation and Maintenance of Tractors and Farm Machinery-I
Engineering Mechanics
Semester 3 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food Quality
Soil Mechanics
Soil & Water Conservation Engineering
Farm Machinery and Equipment – I
Farm Power
Watershed Hydrology
Engineering Mathematics - III
Agribusiness Management and Trade
Semester 4 Farm Machinery and Equipment – II
Irrigation Engineering
Crop Process Engineering
 Fluid Mechanics
Theory of Machines
Heat and Mass Transfer
Field Operation and Maintenance of Tractors and Farm Machinery – II
Advance Computer Science & Engineering
Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics
Semester 5 Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics
Machine Design
Dairy & Food Engineering
Tractor Systems and Controls
Electrical M/C’s and Power Utilization
Database Management and Internet Applications
Strength of Materials
Ground Water, Wells and Pumps
Semester 6 Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control
Drying and Storage Engineering
Design of Structures
Drainage Engineering
Soil & Water Conservation Structures
Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Entrepreneurship Development
Renewable Energy Sources
Semester 7 Project - I
In Plant/Industrial Training-I
Semester 8 Project - II
Practical Training at Institution/University
In Plant/Industrial Training-II

B.Tech (Agriculture) from AKTU

Formerly known as Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), AKTU was established in 2000 and named after India's 11th President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, in 2015. AKTU is one of the largest technical universities in India and in Asia with over 4 lakh students enrolled in various UG and PG programs across 756 affiliated colleges spread throughout Uttar Pradesh. The university offers courses in engineering, technology, architecture, pharmacy, applied arts & crafts courses through its affiliated colleges. AKTU is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Year and semester wise details of B.Tech (Agriculture) programme offered by AKTU are listed in the following table:

Semester 1 Engineering Mathematics - I
Engineering Physics
Basic Electrical Engineering
Professional Communication
Elementary Agriculture
Engineering Physics Lab
Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
Professional Communication Lab
Workshop Practice Lab
Semester 2 Engineering Maths-II
Engineering Chemistry
Elements of Mechanical Engineering
Fundamentals of Computer and Programming
Surveying and Levelling
Surveying and Levelling Lab
Elements of Mechanical Engineering Lab
Fundamentals of Computer and Programming Lab
Computer Aided Engg. Graphics Lab
Semester 3 Mathematics III/ Science Based Open Elective
Basic Electronics and Instrumentation
Fluid Mechanics
Farm Machinery
Industrial Psychology/Industrial Sociology
Strength of Material
Human Values & Professional Ethics/ Cyber Security
Basic Electronics and Instrumentation Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Farm Machinery Lab
Semester 4 Science Based Open Elective/ Mathematics III
Heat & Mass Transfer
Soil Mechanics
Theory of Machinery
Industrial Psychology /Industrial Sociology
Cyber Security/ Human Values & Professional Ethics
Soil Mechanics Lab
Hydrology Lab
Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
Semester 5 Machine Design
Soil & Water Conservation
Refrigeration and Air-condition
Farm power
Executive Program in Business Management-I
Engineering Economics
Soil & Water Conservation
Refrigeration and Air-condition
Farm power
Executive Program in Business Management-II
Semester 6 Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
Dairy & Food Engineering
Tractor System Control-I
Industrial Management
Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
Dairy & Food Engineering
Tractor System Control-II
Semester 7 Open Elective -1
Dept. Elective Course- 3
Dept. Elective Course -4
BMSD Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control
Dairy & Food Engineering
BMSD Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control Lab
Dairy & Food Engineering Lab
Industrial Training Lab
Project-1 Lab
Semester 8 Open Elective -2
Dept. Elective Course 5
Dept. Elective Course -6
GD & Seminar

Other Details for B.Tech (Agriculture) from AKTU

Website https://aktu.ac.in/
Noida Campus Details C-22, Sector 62, Noida – 201301 noidaaktu@gmail.com 0120-2400112
Total Course Fee INR 2,00,000/= to 5,00,000/=

Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT)

Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) is a public university located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. OUAT is one of the leading agricultural universities in India and offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in agriculture and allied sciences. The university has 11 constituent colleges, 15 affiliated colleges, and 11 research centers. OUAT is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The university is also accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an A+ grade.

As India strives to achieve food security and agricultural sustainability, OUAT stands at the forefront of this critical mission. Through its dedication to education, research, and extension activities, OUAT is empowering the next generation of agricultural leaders with the knowledge and skills to transform the agricultural landscape and ensure a brighter future for all.

So, if you're passionate about agriculture and seek an education that will make a real difference, OUAT is the place for you. Join this vibrant community of learners and explorers, and embark on a journey that will not only shape your future but also contribute to a more sustainable and food-secure world.

OUAT B.Tech (Agriculture) Course Details

Semester 1 Engineering Mathematics-I
Engineering Physics
Engineering Chemistry
Principles of Soil Science
Surveying and Levelling
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Drawing
Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfe
NSS (Non-gradial)
Semester 2 Engineering Mathematics-II
Environmental Science and Disaster Management
Communication Skills &Personality Development
Theory of Structures
Strength of Materials
Workshop Technology and Practices
Electrical Machines and Power Utilisation
Principles of Agronomy
Semester 3 Principles of Horticultural Crops and Plant Protection
Web Designing & Internet Applications
Engineering Mathematics-III
Soil Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics and Open Channel Hydraulics
Theory of Machines
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Applied Electronics & Instrumentation
Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management
Agricultural Statistics
Semester 4 Building Construction and Cost Estimation
Auto CAD Applications
Machine Design
Farm Machinery & Equipment-I
Engineering Properties of Agricultural Produce
Watershed Hydrology
Irrigation Engineering
Tractor and Automotive Engines
Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Sources
In-plant training-I (Student READY) Registration only
Semester 5 Farm Machinery and Equipment-II
Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation system
Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control
Post-Harvest Engg. of Cereals, Pulses and Oil Seeds
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Watershed Planning and Management
Drainage Engineering
Renewable Power Sources
Educational Tour during winter/January break (Registration only)
Semester 6 Computer Programming and Data Structures
Tractor Systems and Controls
Post-Harvest Engineering of Horticultural Crops
Water Harvesting and Soil Conservation Structures
Groundwater, Wells and Pumps
Tractor and Farm Machinery Operation and Maintenance
Dairy and Food Engineering
Bio-energy Systems: Design and Applications
In-plant training-II (Student READY) Registration only
Semester 7 10- weeks Industrial Attachment /Internship (Student READY)
10- weeks Experiential Learning On-campus (Student READY)
Semester 8 Elective course
Elective course
Elective course
Project Planning and Report Writing (Student READY) (12 weeks)

Other Details for B.Tech (Agriculture) from OUAT

Website https://www.ouat.nic.in/
Campus Details Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar-751003, Odisha registrarouat@gmail.com; 0674-2397970/0674-2397818
Total Course Fee INR 3,000/= to 11,000/= per semester

Sunrise University (SRU)

Located on a vast and scenic campus equipped with modern infrastructure, Sunrise University (SRU) in Alwar, Rajasthan, offers a comprehensive array of innovative graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs that span diverse disciplines. These programs are meticulously designed based on the best educational practices adopted by leading universities worldwide. Furthermore, the existing connections between industry and academia within each discipline offered by the University significantly enhance the learning experience. SRU is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and established under the Rajasthan Private Universities Act 2011.

Semester 1 Engineering Mathematics-I
Engineering Physics
Communication Skills
Programming For Problem Solving
Basic Electrical Engineering
Engineering Physics Lab
Language Lab
Computer Programming Lab
Basic Electrical Lab
Computer Aided Engg. Graphics
Semester 2 Engineering Mathematics-II
Engineering Chemistry
Human Values
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering
Engineering Chemistry Lab
Human Values Activities
Manufacturing Practice Workshop
Basic Civil Engineering Lab
Computer Aided Machine Drawing
Semester 3 Mathematics -III
Strength of Material
Soil Mechanics
Farm Power
Surveying and Leveling
Engineering properties of Biological Material & Food Quality
Engineering Thermodynamics & Heat engines
Soil Mechanics Lab
Farm Power Lab
Surveying and Leveling Lab
Engineering properties of Biological Material & Food Quality Lab
Semester 4 Heat & mass Transfer
Theory of Machines
Design of structures
Watershed hydrology - I
Fluid Mechanics
Crop Process Engineering
Agriculture for Engineers
Watershed Hydrology -I Lab
Crop Process Engineering Lab
Semester 5 Workshop Technology
Machine Design
Electrical Machine & Power utilization
Farm Machinery & Equipment
Ground Water, Wells & Pumps
Drying & Storage Engineering
Soil & water Conservation Engineering
Farm Machinery & Equipment Lab
Ground Water, Wells & Pumps Lab
Drying & storage engineering Lab
Soil & Water conservation Engineering Lab
Semester 6 Agricultural Structure & Environmental Contro
Refrigeration & Air conditioning
Transfer Process in Food Engineering
Tractor systems & controls
Machine drawings & Computer graphics
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering - I
Elective - I
Tractors systems & controls
Machine drawing & Computer graphics Lab
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering - I Lab
Semester 7 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering - II
System Engineering
Mechanics of Tillage & Traction
Unit Operation in Dairy and Food Engineering
Watershed Hydrology - II
Industrial Training
Elective - II
Mechanics of Tillage & Traction Lab
Unit Operation in Dairy and Food Engineering Lab
Semester 8 Tractor Design & Testing
Food Process and Packaging Technology
Watershed planning & Management
Elective – III
Renewable Energy Source
Tractor design & testing Lab
Food Process and packaging technology Lab

Other Details for B.Tech (Agriculture) from SRU

Website https://www.sunriseuniversity.in/
Campus Details Bagad Rajput, Ramgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan - 301026 info@sunriseuniversity.in  1800 889 5112
Total Course Fee INR 30,000/= to 45,000/= per semester


Both B.Sc and B.Tech Agriculture programs are significant and have their pros and cons. However, if you want to explore and implement the principles of engineering into agriculture then B.Tech in Agriculture is the best option for you. A degree in B.Tech Agriculture opens up better job prospects and many private firms can offer you good placement opportunities.