Peer Learner Programme

EarnWhile YouLearn


Purpose of the peer learning programme is to explore the student having good understanding command and content to specific subject. Further, the selected student will be provided the subject engagement to juniors.


Provide a platform to talented/fast learner to utilise their knowledge with juniors.


The platform will provide to enhance the communication, verbal and interpersonal skills.


The junior students will be getting a platform to ask question share their problem with the peer learner as they are their seniors to whom they can interact openly and share their academic problems.


Will provide a bonding between juniors and senior and create a healthy environment of Department and between junior and senior.


Selection Procedure:-

The interested student should submit their request to the Dean Academics with his/her all achievement & certification earned. Based on their presentation and responses to the committee question the list of selected student will be recommended try the committee. The student has to accept the offer extended in writing as per the format.

Engagement of Classes:-

Student selected for this programme has to engage 20 – 40 classes in a semester along with academic/project engagement decided by the committee.

Recognition and Financial assistance:-

Under this programme, the students will be extended the internship/ fellowship assisted with an amount of sum per month or based on the hours of engagements