Research and Development Policy

This policy defines the goals and objectives of research and development activities at the college, such as promoting innovation, advancing knowledge, and solving real-world problems.

Funding: The Institute promotes the faculties and student to apply in different schemes of government and other organizations for possible funding for research and development activities. This includes government grants, industry partnerships, and internal college funding. The collage provides the required Infrastructure and other financial support to carry the same. The proposal are to be submitted through the HODs to the Director for further process and approvals

Intellectual Property: Any IPR generated from this scheme or others where the Institute is engaged in directly or indirectly related to research and development activities, the ownership, protection, commercialization will be sole property of the college.

Ethics and Compliance: The ethical standards and compliance should be maintain during the project durations and specially for any tangible outcome generated. It is advised that for any research and development activities research ethics & conflict of interest along with data management will be the responsibility of the PI and Co-PI or the concerned person leading the project.

Collaborations: Through this policy it is advised to encourage collaborations between faculty, students, and external partners, such as industry, government, and non-profit organizations

Infrastructure and Resources: For the infrastructure and resources needed to support research and development activities, including access to laboratories, research equipment, and technical support the PI or Co-PI are expected to take the proper approval for the competent authority.

Promotion and Recognition: The policy also recognizes the achievements of faculty and students in research and development activities, through awards, appraisal and media coverage.

Review and Evaluation: The reviewing and evaluating of research and development activities, including monitoring progress, assessing impact, and making necessary suggestion will be taken by the R & D committee.

Faculty & student Development: The policy provides aims to provide development opportunities for faculty and students to enhance their research and development skills, such as workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs.