Lloyd Institute of Engineering & Technology is located in futuristic modern township,Greater Noida of Delhi NCR. The institute has become a place where dreams are indeed transformed into reality.The brand name LLOYD is well Recognized in the field of Education, Engineering & Technology, Management & Law and Pharmacy & Medical in the region.The College,since its inception,is continuously striving to achieve excellence and has been recognized through numerous reputable awards and collaborations .LIET i s looking for Innovation and announces with its first Technical Fest—FESTRONIX 1.0


FESTRONIX is an Annual Technical Festival organized by LIET Noida. A t L I E T , wahpeton promotes students creative thinking and drives them forward in their pursuit of technological excellence. The purpose of Tech Fest is to evaluate the students' understanding of the concepts of workable ideas, prototype construction, and delivering solu and to stimulate student creativity and spur them on to greater achievements in the fields of technology. This Tech Fest will feature a number of competitions such as robotics and automation as well as gaming and coding as well as Technical Poster Presentation and the Junk-Wars, among other topics.


Aligned with the sustainable Development Goals, FESTRONIX 1.0 promotes the idea of “CIRCULAR ECONOMY”. The concept of a "Circular Economy" refers to a system that is designed to minimize waste and resource consumption. Resources are recycled and repurposed in a closed-loop system, which reduces input costs while also cutting down on trash generation.

At the Lloyds TechFest 2022, you get a chance to Reimagine, Recreate & Redesign our living style through our exciting flagship events, talk series, discussions, etc.

Festronix 1.0 is your chance to learn, build in- demand skills and showcase your intellect before the world. With exciting prizes to be won, you are in for a lifetime experience at the biggest event.