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Internet of Things (IOT) Partner: PlumSlice

PlumSlice is a company designed for Retailers & Brands by Retailing and Brand Experts! The PlumSlice vision is to help Retailers and Brands stay Future Proof by staying agile in the face of disruption. The PlumSlice Product Platform is cloud native, enterprise grade, API-first architecture with micro services, flexible enough to help a company, regardless of its size, adapt quickly to a changing world.

The PlumSlice platform is designed for modern omnichannel organizations. It is the single source of truth for all product data for use across all channels and business processes. With team members now geographically spread out more than ever, having a system to drive automated workflow and task management across teams and vendors is critical. Having high value predictive analytics to help taking informed decisions in a rapidly changing world can mean the difference between thriving and staying in business.