Electrical Engineering Partner: Lohum

Lohum’s vision is to accelerate battery power access, preserve valuable resources and protect the future through recycling.

The company is setting up a new standard for cost saving and sustainability by;

  • Creating residential back-up
  • Industrial mobility solutions
  • Telecom battery back-up
  • Battery recycling

Lohum has been the proud recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2020 Indian Advanced Technology Leadership Award.

Mr. Rajat Verma, Founder and CEO Lohum was featured in the Forbes Magazine in an article on “How to put EVs on the fast track; From setting up charging points to domestic manufacturing, electric vehicles need an infrastructure push for faster adoption.” “Battery cell and motor manufacturing, and charging stations infrastructure are critical in the near-term. Knowledge capacity building is significant in the longer term,” says Mr. Verma. The venture is advancing India’s EV ecosystem in three areas: Lowest cost battery packs; creating battery raw materials feedstock through recycling to ensure geo-strategic independence; and domestic intellectual property and manufacturing for a seamless supply chain.