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About Campus || LIET

Lloyd Institute of Engineering and Technology (LIET) is an all India institute of engineering affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and approved by AICTE spread across more than 10 acres of land.

The primary motive of Lloyd institute is to ‘train young minds curious enough to bring about a change in the technological world’. The institute is a dream come true for students eager to put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information.

It aims to provide quality education on par with international standards. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education.

It seeks to develop in each member the ability to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind. The curriculum is continuously being refreshed to reflect the latest developments in technology within industry.

The campus has a wholesome environment which helps students inculcate some important skills like problem solving, innovation, attention to detail, mathematical capability, teamwork, communication skills and leadership skills.

The faculty of college has experience for more than 5 years making the education best experience for the students.

Apart from this, LIET has been placing utmost importance on 360 degree pre-placement training, as well as, building strong industry-academia alliances to give students real-life industry experience.

Students’ Clubs || LIET

The cultural club of LIET is responsible for all the cultural events in the Institute throughout the year. The different cultural activities at LIET are organized by the “Saarang”, the cultural committee of Lloyd Institute of Engineering & Technology, and play a significant role in encouraging creativity and self-confidence among students. LIET believes that every passion and enthusiasm is worth exploring and reinforces all inspiring ideas that students have for fabricating new organizations, so long as they are not exhaustive or aggressive to other members of the College. The different cultural student clubs support each student the opportunity to explore their passion and interest apart from their regular studies and collaborate and learn as part of a community that is bound together by shared interests

Alankaar || Music Club

“Alankaar” the music club at LIET gives the student community a platform to be a part of different bands within the institute premise and to showcase their talent at different cultural events. It gives a stage to willing performers and a platform for beginners to cultivate their skills. The music club serves as aplatform for various genres of a musician like Indian Classical and Western. The music club also organizes different musical concerts, competitions, and workshops inside the campus and also prepares students to participate in different intercollege musical events.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Ms. Anju Nanwani
Ms. Shweta Chauhan

Student Co-ordinator:


Step Squad || Dance Club

The dance club at LIET will provide an opportunity to boost up different dance forms likeclassical, folks, and western and provide a platform to perform different styles collectively in students through constant engagement and also through workshops conducted by professionals. The objective of this club is to choose the best of dancers and form an efficient and energetic college dance team to perform during various occasions within the college premiseand consequently improvethe quality of performances by the team in various inter-college fests.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Ms. Kavita Rani
Ms. Rupa Rani

Student Co-ordinator:


Actomania || Drama & Theatre Club

“Actomania” the Drama and theatre club at LIET provides theatre training and positive mental relationships to the students throughout each step in their journey of life. This club includes playing acts that improve youth to tell the stories in the way they want. It builds leadership skills in young students in working as a team, listening and responding to story building and presenting which make them vulnerable which provides theman opportunity to laugh, play and cultivate life skills. Dramas depicting different social issues are put on every year as a part of Independence Day and Republic day celebrations on the college campus.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Mr. Deepak Singh
Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Student Co-ordinator:

Vipin Kumar Dhangar

Art Vista || Art & Craft Club

The aim of “Art Vista” the Art Club is to foster an artistic environment in our college and develop an appreciation of art and aesthetics in the student’s community. It aims to bring out the creative, expressive, and aesthetic potential of each student and to provide students with equal opportunity to enhance as well as showcase their talent in art by the means of the workshop and annual exhibitions. This club encourages the students to express their new ideas, thoughts, feelings, and creativeness in different forms of art like face painting, sketching, digital painting, poster making, event decoration, character making, and best out of waste, and so on.Art Vista also conducts different competitions on the campus to explore the young talents and motivate them to participate in different intercollege events.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Ms. Karabi Kalita
Ms. Mansi

Student Co-ordinator:

Md. Azim
Digvijoy Ranjan

Shutterbugs || Photography Club

“Shutterbugs” the photography club at LIET, captures each precious moment and shares it with the LIET community. Numerous events, workshops, and competitions are conducted to encourage students to learn and build professional photography skills. This club aims to provide a supportive environment and create opportunities for students to discover the artist within themselves and also gives them the platform to paint their dreams into reality.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Mr. Ravi Kalra
Ms. Deepika

Student Co-ordinator:

Ramendra Chaudhary
Aditya Kumar

Safari Club || Literary Club

The Literary club is a symposium where highly talented and creative minds get a chance to express their voice, thoughts, and share their opinions. Throughout the year,the club organizes several events like story writing, poem writing, slogan writing, report writing, article writing activities, quizzes, debates, JAM, Group discussions, extempore,etc to develop literary skills. The club aims to improve the speaking and writing skills and also the self-confidence of the students.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Mr. Pankaj Kumar
Dr. Sandeep

Student Co-ordinator:

Amit Pandey
Ashish Yadav

Yoga & Fitness Club

Yoga is essentially a spiritual mind soul-based discipline with extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing a connection between mind and body and ensuring harmony. With the help of the Yoga club, proper training is provided to the students with a regular practice schedule and instructions for smooth conduct and the students will be benefited from these practices. The main aim of the Yoga club is to make individuals physically and mentally fit to take up their day-to-day work with ease and confidence. In yoga, the focus is mainly integrated on the breath which helps in stress-relieve, while indulging in slow movements as well as doing complete Asana. Yoga promotes smooth and relaxed inhalation and exhalation during the practice.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Dr. Ravi Kant Prasad
Ms. Swati Singh

Student Co-ordinator:

Saif Ali
Prateek Kr. Gautam

Go Green Club || Environmental Club

The environment club has been set up by the college to create awareness about the environment and eco-friendly ways of living. Its functions include educating the students, employees, and faculty about environmental concerns. Also, it strives to find opportunities for eco-friendly waste management in the college premises. The club plans to organize activities like demonstrations, presentations, skits, etc. to spread awareness among the masses.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Mrs. Reema Agarwal
Ms. Shweta Chauhan

Student Co-ordinator:


Editing & Mixing Club

Audio editing and mixing are done by manipulating audio to controlthe frequency, length, speed, and volume or to create additional versions such as loops. Audio editing ismostly done using a computer and digital audio workstation(DAW) or audio editing software.These clubs give lessons to the interested students about the different editing and mixing techniques by organizing workshops within the campus.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Mr. Rajat
Mr. Vaibhav Pathak

Student Co-ordinator:

Sonu Kumar
Anurag Tank

Sports Club

The Sports club is dedicated to providinga healthy sporting habits among the students. It benefits the students to learn teamwork and team coordination among the diverse cultural & ethnic groups and mainly ensures discipline & infuses the value system in one individual. The importance of time, precision & competitiveness is the major learning aim of this club apart from communication, team coordination & teamwork. This club organizes an annual sports event “Sportech” in March every year.

Faculty Co-ordinator:

Mr. Dhirender parasd
Mr. Yogesh Yadav

Student Co-ordinator:

Chiku Borah
Sharique Khan