This digital world is moving towards convergence of different technologies. Recent Advances in Intelligent communication has increased the computing capabilities and vastly improved the decision-making process by analysing large amount of data. Further, Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to make businesses convenient through intelligent computing systems methods. Intelligent information incorporates many steps and features but its clear that digital transformation and computing techniques go hand in hand. Intelligent devices make the user smarter, better and add more to the quality of life. In order to survive and sustain, society need to find ways of managing both tacit and explicit knowledge and requires intelligent skills that cover horizons of critical thinking, application of statistical tools and intelligent usage of technology. With this goal in mind LIET has marked the inception of its 1 National Conference on “Digital transformation through intelligent computing systems and methods (NCDICM 2022)”. This conference aims to provide a platform to the research scholars, faculty members, students and industry professionals to showcase their views on the provided theme but not limiting to the subtopics.


The 1st National Conference on Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Computing Systems and Methods (NCDICM 2022), is organized with the key objective to bring research scholars, academicians and practitioners from industry to share their views on this theme. The main objective of this conference are:

  • To make stronger link between industry and academia and enhance collaborative and meaningful research on current issues.
  • Provide networking opportunities to delegates on this platform.
  • To cover issues, challenges, Opportunities & strategies relating to digital transformation to global innovation.